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There's nothing like hitting the open roads on a beautiful spring day on your motorcycle, but riding a motorcycle can quickly turn from fun to tragic. In just a moment's time, a car can come out of nowhere and sideswipe a motorcycle, sending the driver flying across the highway. Even with the proper protective gear, injuries can be life-threatening.

Motorcyclists don't have the protection surrounding them that drivers have. Cars, SUVs, trucks and buses have a steel frame and lots of metal and padding between them and the road. A cyclist is much more susceptible to life-altering injuries if involved in an accident. Even a minor crash can cause extensive injuries.  

Negligent drivers cause most motorcycle accident injuries

Motorcycles are often involved in accidents because motorists fail to adequately share the road. They may turn left in front of an oncoming motorcycle – even though, by Texas law, a motorcycle is a vehicle and has the right of way just like a car. They may sideswipe a biker or force them off the road by failing to check their blind spots. And because motorcycles are smaller than cars, bikers are vulnerable to texting or fatigued drivers.

With so many drivers texting or under the influence these days, the highways can be dangerous for motorcycle riders. There's nothing between your body and the hard pavement, and this can leave you exposed to every sort of danger.  

Motorcycle safety tips from experienced Waco attorneys

Your best protection is to simply avoid any type of Waco motorcycle accident altogether - but accidents often cannot be avoided. There are a number of actions you can take to decrease your chances of being involved in a motorcycle accident though:

  • Ride safe. Don't dart in and out of traffic.
  • Wear protective gear.
  • Watch traffic around you at all times.
  • Never ride intoxicated or under the influence.

Insurance companies love to characterize motorcycle riders as irresponsible thrill-seekers. The experienced Waco motorcycle accident lawyers at Chad Jones Law, P.C. know better. Most bikers are safe, responsible operators, and when they're hurt, we fight for the compensation and justice they deserve.  

Were you injured in a Waco Motorcycle Accident?

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