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18-Wheeler Accidents

Experienced lawyers explain what makes them different, and deadly.

Various sizes of motor vehicles share the road with cars. Compact cars, sedans, vans and 18-wheelers all take the same back roads and highways every day, and there is often the potential for an accident. Collisions involving large trucks can be devastating and often result in fatalities.

At Chad Jones Law, P.C. our legal team knows how to handle negligent drivers, trucking companies, and their insurance companies who may try to avoid responsibility for an accident and even blame the victim. The possibility of facing more than one responsible party can be daunting. That's why you deserve an experienced truck accident attorney on your side fighting for justice.

Consequences of 18-Wheeler Wrecks

Due to their size, 18-wheelers can cause catastrophic damage in an accident. They can roll over, T-bone a car at an intersection, rear-end a vehicle or even cause a head-on collision. Trucks cause many accidents per year, mostly because of their size. On the highway, speed is a major factor in most of the following collisions:

No matter what the cause, our law firm knows how to investigate and pursue the truth in order to demand you the compensation you deserve.

What are the trucking laws in Texas?

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations have different laws for both drivers and their companies, and federal regulations hold drivers to certain standards. They enforce a minimum time on rest breaks for drivers in an attempt to avoid accidents caused by a lack of sleep. However, both drivers and their companies often break these rules or feel pressured to push themselves in order to meet company demands.

Texas also has its own set of laws, including strict adherence to speed limits. The penalties for a truck driver disobeying the rules of the road can result in immediate discipline, but trucking companies often are not as strict as they should be. How many times have you seen a truck speed down the highway and pass cars going the speed limit? Companies have tight deadlines for the drivers and their cargo to meet, which can result in breaking the law.

Knowing the trucking laws in Texas means that you can better understand who is responsible for your accident. Having an experienced attorney on your side means that you can rest easy knowing your case is in good hands.

Our law firm holds responsible parties accountable

Fighting for your compensation in order to help restore your quality of life after an accident is our number one priority. Trucking accidents can be complicated, since there may be more than one party to hold responsible for these tragedies.

We know how to face them. We know how to demand justice. Contact us. We offer a consultation with one of our attorneys at no cost to you. When you think you may be alone in this tragic situation, you deserve an attorney at Chad Jones Law by your side when it matters most.

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