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When you’ve been injured in an accident, you need someone to fight for your rights. You deserve a top-notch truck wreck attorney on your side to stand up to the trucking company. You deserve Chad Jones Law, P.C. We have extensive experience handling high-stakes cases, and the trucking companies don’t intimidate us.

Big rig trucks are a common sight on Highway 6, Highway 30, I-35 and other highways in the Bryan, College Station, Midland, Waco and Odessa areas. Most motorists don't mind sharing the road with those 20th Anniversary logocommercial trucks, but that changes in a hurry when they're involved in wrecks. A fully-loaded 18-wheeler can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, leading to devastating injuries. Even smaller commercial vehicles like delivery trucks and dump trucks can cause serious injuries as well, and recovering from those injuries can take months or years.

And if you're recovering from injuries sustained in a truck accident, your legal battle may just be beginning. The trucking company - and their insurance companies - won't just roll over and pay you what you're owed. They have teams of investigators, attorneys and adjusters on their side, and their priority is to reduce or deny your claim.

Types of truck wrecks we handle

Commercial truck drivers are held to higher legal standards than motorists because their vehicles are so difficult to handle - and potentially dangerous. We've handled cases involving the following circumstances:

Our legal team knows how to investigate trucking companies and find the evidence needed to hold them accountable. Remember that the trucking companies often move quickly to protect their own interests after a wreck. That's why it's so critical that you contact us right away.

If you retain our firm to handle your truck accident case, we can contact the trucking company and their insurance carrier to tell them to direct further inquiries to our office. We can help you demand the best possible medical care and arrange for your doctors to be paid with an attorney's lien if necessary. See our truck accident FAQ page for more information on how we handle these cases.

We'll do everything we can to try to build a strong case, often including hiring outside experts, interviewing witnesses and combing through the trucking company's records to find critical evidence. In most cases, we're able to negotiate a fair settlement that may pay for the full cost of your wreck. But if the trucking company won't back down, an experienced truck accident lawyer from our law firm can fight for your best interests in court.

If you've been hit by a commercial truck, don't let the trucking company decide what happens next. Get justice. Get Chad Jones. Call 1-800-645-6637 today for your free consultation.

Truck Rollover

Commercial trucks roll over for a number of reasons, including taking turns at unsafe speeds and having improperly loaded or secured cargo. A single rollover can lead to a devastating wreck involving multiple vehicles, and usually, the trucker's negligence is to blame. You deserve an experienced attorney to hold the trucking company accountable. Call Chad Jones Law, P.C. today.

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A truck is said to have "jackknifed" when the trailer folds in toward the cab, creating a danger zone for smaller vehicles that may strike the trailer or be caught in between. Jackknife accidents can cause serious injuries, and it's often the truck driver's own error that leads to the collision. That's why you deserve an experienced attorney from Chad Jones Law, P.C. to stand up to the trucking company.

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Some of the deadliest truck wrecks involve underride, which means a smaller vehicle is caught underneath the truck. You may have hit an illegally stopped truck or one traveling at a dangerously low speed. Hold the trucking company accountable. Demand the compensation your family deserves. Get Chad Jones on your side today.

Wide Turn

Truckers are responsible for checking their blind spots and making sure they have sufficient space to make a turn. When they don't, the trailer swinging out can cause serious injuries. If you've been hurt in a wide-turn truck accident, call Chad Jones Law, P.C. today. We can interview witnesses, review medical records and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Tire Blowout

When a single tire blows out on a commercial truck, the driver may lose control and create a danger for everyone else on the road. That's why truckers are responsible for making sure their trucks are properly maintained. When they don't, we hold them accountable. Call Chad Jones Law, P.C. today for a free case evaluation.

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Cargo Fell Off Truck

Truckers and trucking companies are responsible for making sure their vehicles are safe, and that includes the cargo as well as the vehicle itself. Depending on the circumstances of your wreck, you may have a claim against the trucking company or the shipper of the cargo. To handle such a complex case, you deserve an experienced attorney. You deserve Chad Jones Law, P.C.

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Blind Spot/No-Zone

Because of their sheer size, commercial trucks have much larger blind spots than passenger cars. The trucking company may claim that you're responsible for your injuries because you drove in the truck's "No-Zone." But the reality is that truckers are supposed to be trained to compensate for their limited visibility - and when they don't, they're responsible for the injuries they cause. Chad Jones Law, P.C. can demand the compensation you deserve and stand up for your rights.

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Texting Truckers

Texting while driving is illegal for truck drivers throughout the United States, yet some truckers still choose to put others at risk. Distracted driving is a huge problem for truck drivers because they're behind the wheel all day, every day. In addition to texting, truckers may cause devastating rear-end collisions while doing something as seemingly innocent as adjusting the radio or talking to a dispatcher.

Trucking companies are required to make sure their truckers follow the rules of the road. We may have a claim against the trucking company for negligent hiring or inadequate training if there is a pattern of texting while driving. Our investigation can also include cell phone records and eyewitness accounts that may prove the trucker was texting or otherwise distracted.

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Drunk/Drugged Truck Drivers

Drinking and driving is a danger to anyone, but it's especially frightening when the drunk driver is behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer. That's why truck drivers are considered legally impaired with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.04 - half the legal limit for drivers of passenger cars. Truckers who drink and drive often cause catastrophic and even fatal wrecks.

While every trucking company has policies in place to stop drivers from drinking and driving, not all companies adequately enforce those policies. We can review the trucking company's hiring records to see whether they failed to conduct a background check or knowingly hired or retained a driver with a history of drunk driving. If so, you may have a claim against the trucking company for negligent hiring or retention.

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Speeding Trucks

Commercial trucks are difficult to maneuver at high speeds. That's why many roads set lower speed limits for trucks than for passenger cars. Still, truck drivers are under pressure to make sometimes unrealistic delivery schedules, and they may drive at unsafe speeds in order to get there sooner. When a large vehicle moving at a high speed hits another vehicle, catastrophic injuries are almost guaranteed.

During our investigation, we often review the truck's log to see whether the truck was behind schedule, which may have been motivation for the driver to go too fast. We may find out that the trucking company pressured the driver to meet a deadline that couldn't be met at a legal speed - which would make them liable for the accident.

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Asleep-At-The-Wheel Truckers

Federal law stipulates that truckers can only work a certain number of hours and must take a certain number of breaks so they can stay well-rested and focused on the road. However, some truck drivers violate those rules and end up falling asleep at the wheel. An asleep-at-the-wheel trucker can be a massive danger to everyone else on the road. Often, these wrecks cause devastating injuries because the truck driver doesn't hit the brakes before impact.

After you retain our law firm, we can contact the trucking company and demand to see a copy of the hours-of-service log. Trucking companies are only required by law to keep this log for six months, so it's critical that we secure the evidence before it can be destroyed. We can interview witnesses and take pictures at the scene, which may help us prove that the trucker was asleep at the wheel. And if the trucking company pressured the driver to work through those mandatory breaks, we can hold them accountable for their recklessness.

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Poorly Maintained Trucks

A badly maintained truck is a dangerous truck. By law, truck drivers are required to conduct a maintenance check every time they get on the road and document maintenance accordingly. But under pressure to make deliveries in a timely manner, many truckers rush through that check or skip it entirely.

Cases arising from maintenance issues can be extremely complicated. Liability may fall on the driver, the trucking company, the manufacturer or even a mechanic who did work on the truck. Our attorneys can thoroughly investigate to find the responsible party, which can take months or years in some cases. We can stand by you throughout your case and use our resources to demand the compensation you deserve.

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