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If you’ve been hurt, get an personal injury attorney on your side

Many people work in the oil industry in Odessa. They work as drillers, machine operators, pumpers, riggers and in many other jobs. It’s a dangerous industry to work in and an accident can cause very serious injuries. If you’ve been hurt in an oil rig accident, you deserve to be compensated. The processes for recovering compensation can be complicated.

The experienced personal injury lawyers at Chad Jones Law, P.C. know the challenges that the injured face after an Odessa accident. Negligent parties deny responsibility. Insurance companies want to protect their profits, so they will try to pay you as little as possible. They have lawyers helping them fight for their interests.

That’s why you need an experienced Odessa personal injury lawyer on your side. We know how an injury from an oil rig accident can impact your life. You may need diagnostic tests, surgery, hospitalization, medication, physical therapy and multiple follow-up visits with doctors. The medical expenses for treatment can be overwhelming, and your injuries may leave you unable to work.

Our Odessa lawyers know how to win oil rig accident cases

Many types of accidents can happen in the oil industry in Odessa. These accidents can involve fires, explosions, falls from heights, falling objects, electrocution, defective machines, blowouts, toxic fumes exposure and motor vehicle crashes. These accidents often happen because someone was negligent.

At Chad Jones Law, our Odessa attorneys are ready to fight for you. If your employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance, we can help you file a non-subscriber claim. If a third party was responsible for causing the accident that left you injured, we can help you take legal action to recover financial compensation.

Our Odessa law firm has been fighting for the rights of people hurt in accident for more than 20 years. We know how to handle complex cases and fight back against insurance companies who try to limit your compensation.

We start by getting the facts. Our legal team investigates your Odessa accident to find out what really happened. We gather evidence and review accident reports, medical records and OSHA inspections. We identify witnesses and ask them about what they saw, and we consult oil industry experts as needed.

Helping you get justice in Odessa

Then, we demand compensation for the damages you have suffered. This includes compensation for all medical expenses related to your injuries, both now and in the future. It includes compensation for lost wages, if your injury made you lose time from work. We may also seek compensation for other damages, such as pain and suffering.

If you were hurt in an Odessa oil rig accident, don’t delay. As soon as you can, talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer. It’s important to start work on your case before evidence is lost or destroyed, and before witnesses forget key details about the accident.

Take the first step toward protecting your rights and recovering the financial compensation you deserve. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer. . We can visit you at home, in your hospital room or another location that is most convenient for you.

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