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A motorcycle crash can change your life in an instant. And the insurance companies certainly don’t make it easy to move forward. They tend to take a dim view of the men and women who ride,20th Anniversary logo calling them irresponsible thrill-seekers. That's why you deserve an experienced motorcycle accident attorney at Chad Jones Law, P.C.

Throughout the Bryan, College Station, Waco, Midland and Odessa areas, many men and women enjoy the open air and warm Texas weather by taking to the road on motorcycles. Unfortunately, many motorists fail to share the road, and when they cause wrecks, riders get hurt. You may have sustained a serious injury, or you may have even lost a loved one in a crash.

How did your wreck happen?

How were you injured?

We're dedicated advocates for motorcycle safety, and we fiercely represent motorcycle riders against negligent motorists. Some of the cases we handle involve:

After a crash, you may face an uphill legal battle. We can stand with you every step of the way and search for the critical evidence needed to demand justice for you. Our legal team can negotiate with the insurance adjuster on your behalf so that you can focus on your recovery. We can work with your medical providers and demand that you receive the care you deserve to get back on the road, and you won't owe us a cent unless we recover a verdict or settlement for you.

Even if you're not sure whether you have a case, we want to hear from you. Call 1-800-645-6637 to schedule your free consultation. One of our motorcycle accident attorneys can meet with you at one of our offices, or we can come to you at your home, at work or in your hospital room.

Car Turned In Front Of Motorcycle

Too many motorists don't seem to understand that a motorcycle is a vehicle, just like a car. When a car fails to yield at an intersection and turns left in front of a bike, serious injuries can follow. We hold motorists who fail to share the road accountable.

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Hit From Behind

Motorcycles often get rear-ended. Sometimes, it's because motorists drive too aggressively. In other cases, distracted driving is to blame. If you were in a rear-end collision while riding a motorcycle, you deserve an experienced attorney on your side to demand the compensation you deserve.

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Lane Change Collision

If you were hit by a car that was changing lanes, you'll likely be blamed for getting into the vehicle's blind spot. That's not right. Motorists are supposed to check their blind spots for motorcycles before they move over, and they're responsible if they make reckless maneuvers. That's why you deserve an experienced attorney at Chad Jones Law, P.C. to argue your case and demand compensation.

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Hit A Car Door

Being "doored" is a serious hazard for motorcyclists on the streets of Bryan, College Station, Waco, Midland, Odessa and other surrounding communities. Often, there's little or no time to react. That's why drivers and passengers need to check for incoming motorcycles before opening a door into traffic. If someone recklessly opened a door in front of you, our attorneys can hold them accountable.

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Forced Off Road

Not all motorcycle crashes involve contact. A car that moves over without looking might have forced you to swerve off the road to avoid a collision. No-contact crashes are often hit-and-run crashes, and if the driver can't be found, we can work with your insurance to file an uninsured motorist claim. We can interview witnesses and do everything we can to get you fairly compensated for your injuries.

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Biker's Arm

It's only natural to wrap the arms around the body or hold out a hand to break a fall. Unfortunately, this often results in nerve damage and partial or total paralysis of an arm. You may be unable to do your job or care for loved ones due to a biker's arm injury. Our attorneys can work with you to help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve to pay for the long-term cost of your loss.

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Road Rash

There's a reason bikers wear leather or denim: it protects the skin from contact with the road. If you're thrown off your bike, though, even that protective gear may not be enough. Road rash injuries are sometimes minor, but you may have been permanently disfigured or sustained an infection if dirt or gravel entered the wound. We can fight for a settlement or verdict that can pay for your treatment, including skin grafts or reconstructive surgery.

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Broken Bone

Breaks often happen in motorcycle crashes because of the amount of force involved. A broken bone can keep you out of work for weeks or months, and if it heals incorrectly, the amount of ongoing discomfort and future surgeries required can add up to a huge cost. Hold the driver who caused your injury accountable. Chad Jones Law, P.C. can fight to fully compensate you for your broken bone injury.

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Internal Injury

Even if you walk away from a motorcycle crash feeling fine, you should see a doctor right away. That's because internal injuries can be insidious - and extremely dangerous. You may need surgery or other expensive medical treatments to keep your health intact, and if there are no visible injuries, getting those bills paid can be tough. Get an experienced attorney on your side.

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Head Injury

Even with helmets, motorcyclists who land on their heads can sustain serious injuries. You may have a traumatic brain injury or permanent damage to the neck or spine. Seek medical help. Then, contact us. If you've sustained a long-term, debilitating head injury, Chad Jones Law, P.C. can fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve, including if you require any long-term services.

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Distracted Driver

Often, motorists who cause motorcycle wrecks claim that they did not see the motorcycle. Because motorcycles are relatively small, it's easy for distracted drivers to overlook them. You may have been hit from behind by someone who was texting while driving, or you may have been sideswiped by someone who took their eyes off the road to adjust the radio.

Motorists have a responsibility to keep their full attention on the road and watch out for other vehicles, including motorcycles. Our investigation can include cell phone records and eyewitness accounts that may prove the driver who hit you was texting and driving. If distraction was a factor in your crash, we can work to gather evidence to demand the financial compensation you deserve.

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Speeding Driver

What many motorists don't understand about motorcycles is that they often have to change speeds or change position in a lane in order to adjust to changing road conditions. That means cars driving near the motorcycle have to be attentive and adjust accordingly. But when a car is going too fast, the driver may not have time to react, leading to a crash.

High-speed collisions with motorcycles can cause devastating injuries because of the amount of force hitting the rider's unprotected body. If you or a loved one was injured because another driver was speeding, we can fight for you. We regularly review police reports, witness accounts and other evidence to show that a reckless driver was responsible for your injuries.

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Road Hazard

Motorcycles are especially sensitive to changing road conditions because of their size and design. You may have crashed after hitting a pothole that the local government should have fixed, or you may have been hit by a motorist who didn't react appropriately when you swerved or slowed down to avoid a hazard.

Wrecks involving road hazards or inclement weather can be complex cases. Liability may fall on the municipal government responsible for maintaining the road or on a motorist who failed to drive safely given the conditions. With extensive experience handling these cases, we can work with you to develop a strong legal strategy.

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Motorist Failed to Yield

Most motorcycle crashes happen when a vehicle turns left in front of an oncoming bike. Many drivers don't understand that a motorcycle is a vehicle and that they need to yield just as they would to an oncoming car. Motorcycle wrecks also happen when merging onto highways and in other situations where drivers of larger vehicles think they automatically have the right of way.

Our attorneys often interview witnesses and consult experts to examine the accident scene, which may help prove that a motorist negligently failed to yield. No driver has the right to create an unsafe situation on the road. If you were injured by someone who failed to yield, we can help.

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