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Losing a loved one is always hard. Losing a loved one in an accident can be absolutely devastating. You’re left to deal with a sudden and unexpected flood of emotions: grief, anger, confusion. And as you’re trying to rebuild after a loss, dealing with the legal implications is the last thing you need. The Midland, TX wrongful death attorneys at Chad Jones Law, P.C. are here for you.

We understand wrongful death claims in Texas

When a death occurs due to negligence, recklessness or intentional acts, the surviving family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party. After three months, the personal representative (executor) of the estate can also file a claim. In either case, this is a civil action that is distinct from any criminal charges (such as homicide) that may be pursued by the State of Texas in connection with the same death.

It may seem odd to sue for financial compensation in the wake of a death – after all, no amount of money can truly replace a human being. But recovering damages in a wrongful death lawsuit can help take care of the surviving family members. Depending on the facts and circumstances, such damages may include:

  • Medical expenses for your loved one’s final illness or injury
  • Pain and suffering experienced by your loved one prior to passing away
  • Lost wages and lost future income that your loved one would have earned, had he or she lived
  • Lost value of services, such as child care
  • Emotional distress sustained by family members
  • Other damages connected to the accident, such as property damage

In some circumstances, we may also be able to recover exemplary (punitive) damages, if the conduct that led to your loved one’s death was particularly reckless or intentional.

Damages recovered in a wrongful death claim can make a significant difference in the lives of the people left behind. For example, if the person who died was the primary caretaker for the children, the money recovered can allow the other parent to stay home with the children. Likewise, if the “breadwinner” passed away, the money recovered can replace the lost income.

A successful wrongful death lawsuit also provides a degree of closure by holding someone responsible for the death. And it sends a strong message that negligent behavior has consequences – which helps to make our community safer and protect other West Texas families from suffering similar losses.

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