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Seeing an 18-wheeler jackknife in front of you on the highway is every Midland driver’s nightmare. When truckers lose control of their big rigs, people get hurt – and the consequences can last a lifetime. You need a Midland jackknife accident lawyer who understands how to fight back. You need Chad Jones Law, P.C.

Get an attorney who understands 18-wheelers on your side

Founding attorney Chad E. Jones, who holds a commercial driver’s license (CDL), has a deep understanding of the causes of jackknife accidents. In almost all cases, a jackknifing truck is the result of negligence on the part of the driver or the trucking company.

  • Taking curves too quickly. When truckers exceed the posted speed limit or drive too fast for the conditions, their trucks may jackknife, especially on slippery roads, when taking curves or on off-ramps and on-ramps.
  • Distracted, impaired & fatigued driving. Truckers are supposed to devote their full attention to the important task of safely operating their trucks. When they are impaired or distracted, their reaction times slow down. This can lead to sudden braking or swerving, loss of stability and jackknifing.
  • Poor truck maintenance. It’s important that trucks be maintained in order to stay safe and stable. Incorrectly adjusted or poorly maintained brakes can cause jackknifing, as can worn tires and engine problems.
  • Improper loading. When a truck’s load is unbalanced or the center of gravity is too high, that can cause loss of stability, leading to a jackknife wreck.

Commercial truck drivers have a responsibility to know these risks and take proactive action to make sure their trucks are safe. When they don’t, people get hurt. When that happens in West Texas, our law firm holds them accountable.

Take immediate action after a jackknife accident in Midland

It’s critically important that you contact us and get an experienced Midland truck accident attorney on your side as soon as possible after a jackknife accident. We need to take immediate action to preserve vital evidence, such as the truck’s “black box” data and hours of service (HOS) log, before the trucking company can destroy it. We also need time to sort out the insurance situation. Remember that in truck accident claims, the cab and the trailer typically have separate insurance, and accepting a settlement offer from one insurance company can affect the liability of others as well.

We’ll go right to work to build a strong case and take on the trucking company. Our attorneys will negotiate on your behalf and handle all communications with the trucking company and their insurance company so that you can focus on getting better. In some cases, we’re able to secure a fair settlement. In others, we’re ready and willing to go to trial.

Get a Midland jackknife accident attorney you can trust on your side. Contact us today to schedule your free case consultation at our Midland office.

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