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There is nothing scarier for a motorist than the idea of being involved in a head-on crash. Because of the sheer force of two vehicles colliding head-on, serious and life-altering injuries are common. You may be unable to work and struggling to keep up with your bills. The College Station head-on collision lawyers at Chad Jones Law, P.C. can help.

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Any car accident can cause severe injuries, but head-on collisions are especially dangerous because of the sheer force involved. When two cars that are traveling in opposite directions collide, the amount of force is effectively doubled.

Of course, head-on collisions shouldn’t just happen. For two cars to collide head-on, one of them has to be going the wrong way. Often, these crashes are caused by drunk drivers or drivers who fall asleep at the wheel. Sometimes, a distracted or reckless driver might drift into the oncoming lane and cause a crash. And sometimes these crashes are caused by mechanical problems such as loss of power steering.

Unfortunately, liability in head-on crashes is often unclear. Drivers often deny being negligent and drifting into the oncoming lane. Witnesses may offer conflicting accounts as to which driver was going the wrong way. When liability is disputed and damages are high, that means the case is more likely than most to go to trial.

Attorney Chad E. Jones is a board-certified personal injury trial lawyer through the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. When you have a head-on collision case, you need an attorney who is prepared to go to court if that’s what it takes. You need Chad Jones Law, P.C.

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We’ll act quickly to secure evidence before it disappears, talk to witnesses and build your case. We understand the telltale signs of negligence that may have led to a head-on collision. For example, when drivers fall asleep at the wheel, they usually don’t brake before impact, which means there may not be any skid marks on the road. Likewise, we know how to find the key evidence proving that the driver who hit you was under the influence, speeding or distracted.

Then, we’ll go to work to take your case to the insurance company. Many times, we are able to reach a settlement, but we’re also ready to go to trial if that’s what it takes to protect your rights. We do everything we can to fight for our clients’ interests and demand the full amount of compensation you deserve.

When you’re in a head-on crash, get an attorney who can help you put your life back together. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with a College Station head-on collision attorney.

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