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Distracted driving is an epidemic on our roads in College Station. It only takes a moment of inattention to cause a crash that can change someone’s life forever. If you’ve been hurt in a distracted driving wreck, you have legal rights, and we can protect them. Call the College Station distracted driving accident attorneys at Chad Jones Law, P.C.

There’s no excuse for distracted driving

Texting and driving gets the headlines, and for good reason: it’s one of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving. There are three types of distractions:

  • Manual distraction (driver’s hands off the wheel)
  • Visual distraction (driver’s eyes off the road)
  • Cognitive distraction (driver is mentally distracted from the task of operating vehicle)

Texting is dangerous because it’s all of the above. But any distraction can cause a serious car accident, from adjusting the radio to eating, drinking or grooming. In a college town like College Station, there are a lot of out-of-town and out-of-state drivers who may be distracted looking at a GPS or reading printed directions. In parking lots, distracted driving crashes sometimes occur because drivers are more focused on finding a parking spot than the actual roadway in front of them.

Whether they happen at low or high speeds, on highways or side streets, distracted driving wrecks have one thing in common: they’re always preventable. Distracted drivers have the option of pulling over to send a text or waiting until they arrive at their destinations. If you were injured by someone who chose to be negligent behind the wheel, we’ll help you fight back.

Our attorneys are with you every step of the way

When you call Chad Jones Law and hire us to handle your distracted driving accident claim, we’ll go right to work. We’ll investigate the accident scene, talk to witnesses and gather evidence to prove that the driver who hit you was negligent. And we’ll build a strong case for the full amount of compensation you need and deserve.

In some cases, the insurance company is willing to settle for a fair amount. In others, we’ll go to trial. Either way, we never stop fighting to protect our clients’ legal rights.

If you’ve been injured by a distracted driver, let us take care of your claim while you focus on getting better. Schedule your free consultation at our College Station office today to get an experienced distracted driving accident lawyer on your side.

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