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Car accident attorney Chad Jones knows that after a crash, everything changes. In an instant, you may be left seriously injured. Your recovery may take weeks or months, or you may even be permanently disabled. Between medical bills, lost wages, property damage and other expenses, the financial cost of a single accident can be overwhelming - and that's while you're trying to physically recover.

20th Anniversary logoUnfortunately, car insurance companies often try to treat accident victims like vehicles, not people. They think a single, relatively small payment can "fix" you and afterward you'll be fine. They overlook, or deliberately ignore, the long-term cost of the crash. That's not justice. That's why you deserve your own legal counsel fighting for your rights. Get Chad Jones Law.

Frequently asked questions answered by a Texas car accident lawyer

If you’ve been in a car accident, you probably have a lot of questions. You or a loved one may be hurt and not know what to do next -- or where to start. It can be overwhelming. A Texas car accident lawyer can help. If your question isn’t listed below, contact us at 800-645-6637.

What should I do right after a car accident?

First, make sure the accident scene is safe, then call the police. Exchange insurance information and contact information with the other drivers involved in the accident. Get contact information for any witnesses and the badge number of the police officer investigating the scene. Keep your comments to anyone else at the scene brief, and don’t say anything admitting fault -- stick to the facts of what happened.

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Should I talk to the insurance company?

Other than notifying your insurance company that you were in a wreck, no. You’re not required to answer their questions, and you’re not required to speak with an insurance company representing another driver. Remember that the insurance companies are not on your side. Their goal is to pay you as little as possible, and they’ll use anything you say for that purpose.

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If I feel OK, do I still need to see a doctor?

Yes. It is common with car accident injuries for there to be delayed onset symptoms, like traumatic brain injuries or damage to internal organs. Seeing a doctor right away is the best way to make sure you’re not injured. Tell the doctor who treats you that you were involved in an accident, and follow their instructions.

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Do I need a lawyer after a car accident?

Yes. Contacting a car accident lawyer right away is the best way to negotiate with the insurance company to make sure you get fair compensation for all of your accident-related expenses while you recuperate. A lawyer can thoroughly investigate your accident and fight for full and fair compensation for your injuries and other losses. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they don’t get paid unless they win, so there is no up-front cost and no obligation.

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How much is my claim worth?

Because every case is unique, there is no common answer to this question, but compensation for your car accident can include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, modifications to your home or car, and lost earning potential. Punitive damages can sometimes apply, as well, in some cases.

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Will it take long to resolve my claim?

That depends on the case. We pride ourselves on working quickly and efficiently for our clients, but it’s important to remember that your case needs to be resolved with a favorable result for you. That’s because you often only get one settlement.

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Types of wrecks we handle

For over a decade, Chad Jones Law has been handling complex car accident cases in the Bryan and College Station area, Waco, Midland, Odessa and throughout Texas. Accidents happen for many reasons. We're familiar with the laws and circumstances surrounding the following:

If another motorist's negligence caused your injuries, you shouldn't have to pay. Turn to us to get the justice you demand and the compensation you deserve. Visit our auto accident FAQ page to learn more about how we handle car wreck cases.

There's no substitute for experience. You deserve Chad Jones Law, P.C.

Car accidents may seem like simple cases. But even if the other driver caused the crash - for instance, if you were in a rear-end collision - things are rarely as clear as they seem. The insurance company may try to downplay the extent of your injuries or claim they were due to a pre-existing condition. And if fault is disputed, the other driver and the insurance company may fight to reduce your compensation.

Meanwhile, you're trying to focus on your recovery. If you don't have health insurance, or if your insurance doesn't cover all of your medical expenses, we can work with your healthcare providers to try to get the medical care you deserve through an attorney's lien arrangement. We can help find the best providers to help you get the care you deserve, and we can take care of your legal issues so that you can focus on your recovery.

We're focused on building the strongest legal case possible and helping you fight for justice. Our team can review your Texas Accident Report and other important information relevant to your case, including skid marks, eyewitness accounts and property damage. We can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and negotiate for a settlement that pays for your accident-related expenses. And if they won't make a fair offer, you'll have an experienced legal team prepared to fight for you in court.

Take back control after your car crash. Contact us online to schedule your free consultation, or call 1-800-645-6637.

Rear-End Collisions

Even though rear-end accidents usually happen at low speeds, the injuries sustained can be severe. Whiplash can cause traumatic brain injuries. Internal injuries can be serious or even life-threatening. Don't let the insurance companies downplay your injury. Hold the motorist who rear-ended you - and his or her insurance company - accountable.

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Head-On Collisions

When another vehicle drives the wrong way and causes a head-on collision, the consequences can be tragic. Head-on collisions are some of the most serious accidents we see at Chad Jones Law, P.C. because of the sheer force involved. That's why you deserve an experienced attorney who knows how to handle catastrophic cases. You deserve Chad E. Jones.

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T-Bone/Intersection Accidents

A car is said to be T-boned when another vehicle strikes its side, usually at an intersection. Broadside accidents are exceptionally dangerous because the side of the vehicle offers much less protection than the front or rear. You or a loved one may have sustained serious injuries. We can hold the driver who T-boned you accountable.

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Sideswipe Accidents

Sideswipe collisions usually happen on the highway as vehicles merge or change lanes. With the high speeds involved, these collisions can be devastating, especially when a larger vehicle hits a smaller vehicle. Motorists have a responsibility to stay in their own lanes, and when they fail to meet that responsibility, we fight for justice. Reach out to Chad Jones Law, P.C.

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Vehicle Rollovers

Rollovers can be some of the most dangerous accidents on the road, especially at high speeds. You or a loved one may have been severely hurt when a roof collapsed or after hitting a vehicle that had already rolled over. If another motorist was responsible for your rollover, we can help. Chad Jones Law, P.C. can thoroughly investigate and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Fatal Accidents

Unfortunately, car crashes are a leading cause of accidental death in Texas and nationwide. It's never easy to deal with the loss of a loved one, but fatal car crashes can be especially devastating because they happen so suddenly. With an experienced and compassionate attorney on your side, your family can fight for the compensation needed to provide for the people left behind.

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Distracted Driving Wrecks

Distracted driving is an increasingly common cause of accidents in the Bryan and College Station area thanks in large part to mobile phones. Texting or talking on the phone while driving often leads to car wrecks. But distracted driving includes many other causes as well. Here are some other common distracted driving factors:

  • Eating behind the wheel
  • Adjusting the radio
  • Talking to passengers
  • Applying makeup

Regardless of the cause, distracted driving can be exceptionally dangerous. Distracted drivers often cause rear-end accidents because they aren't paying attention to the vehicles in front of them. If a distracted driver crosses a center line, the result may be a head-on collision.

Motorists have a responsibility to keep their eyes on the road. If the driver who hit you was distracted, you may have a strong legal case - but you'll likely have to prove it. We can interview witnesses and review cell phone records to show that the driver who hurt you wasn't paying attention to the road, and we can fight for full compensation for your injuries.

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Drunk Driving Wrecks

For decades, motorists have known about the dangers of drinking and driving, yet some still choose to drink and put others at risk. Drunk drivers are involved in a huge number of catastrophic and fatal accidents because alcohol makes it harder for them to respond to road conditions. Often, drunk drivers cause devastating head-on collisions and T-bone accidents.

You may think that because the driver who hit you was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), you'll be all set. Think again. The police don't work for you; their job is to prosecute offenders, not to get compensation for victims. Even if it seems clear that a drunk driver caused your crash, an attorney can help you demand the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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Asleep at the Wheel

Between college students pulling all-nighters and working adults who put in long hours, it's understandable that many people in the Bryan and College Station area are physically exhausted. However, that doesn't give them a right to get behind the wheel and put others at risk. Driving while fatigued is as dangerous as driving drunk, and the consequences can be even more severe. That's because asleep-at-the-wheel drivers generally don't hit the brakes before impact, causing collisions at full speed.

That same tendency can be the key to building a strong legal case after an asleep-at-the-wheel accident. There usually aren't any skid marks at the scene precisely because the driver didn't hit the brakes. We can also interview witnesses, including people who may have seen the driver leave home or work while exhausted, and review the driver's own statements - asleep-at-the-wheel drivers usually have no memory of the wreck. Our legal team can work tirelessly to investigate your accident and fight to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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While we understand that many motorists want to get where they're going faster, speed limits exist for a reason. At higher speeds, drivers have less time to react to changing circumstances and avoid obstacles - and there's often the risk that they can lose control entirely. High speeds also lead to severe injuries because of the amount of force involved.

Even if the driver who hit you was cited for speeding, don't assume you will automatically get the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies often do everything they can to reduce your claim or even blame the accident on you. You deserve an attorney who can work fast and effectively to protect your legal rights. You deserve Chad Jones Law, P.C.

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Weather-Related Wrecks

Heavy rain, hail, fog and other weather conditions can make the roads riskier for everyone. That's why motorists have a responsibility to slow down and stay safe in inclement weather. When they don't, everyone on the road is in danger. And when a vehicle goes out of control due to the conditions, devastating injuries may follow.

Just because your accident was weather-related doesn't mean Mother Nature was solely to blame. Call Chad Jones Law, P.C. today. We may be able to demonstrate that the driver who hit you was driving recklessly or at an unsafe speed. Our team can work hard to help you take home the compensation - and the justice - you deserve.

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Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists

Under Texas law, drivers are required to have auto liability insurance. However, some drivers choose to break the law and put others in danger of financial ruin. An accident involving an uninsured driver can leave you on the hook for thousands of dollars in damages with no practical way to recoup those losses. And even if the other motorist does have insurance, there may not be enough coverage to pay for the full cost of your wreck.

Fortunately, if you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage on your policy, you should be able to file a claim with your own insurance company. Unfortunately, just because you're dealing with your own insurance doesn't mean you'll be treated fairly. We can help you file a claim for the full cost of your accident and explore any other possible avenues of compensation as well. Count on Chad Jones Law, P.C. to help with your complex uninsured motorist claim.

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